There was a time when access to banking services was limited exclusively to commercial businesses and the wealthiest consumer-banking clients. Today, the overwhelming majority of the global population now has access to virtual banking services, formerly available to traditional bank customers only. With the advent of prepaid products offered by Visa® and MasterCard®, this vast market segment of unbanked and underbanked consumers can finally participate in the world of electronic payments and debit-card transactions.

However, there is a cultural challenge in emerging markets for consumers to adopt new and better ways for payment transactions. That’s where Emergent International Payment Systems plays a key role. Founded in the United States, where credit, debit, and prepaid debit transactions became commonplace, Emergent International has developed an innovative approach to serving these customers with bank-affiliated solutions tailored to their individual needs. Discover more about our solutions-focused payment products.


With the majority of citizens unbanked in the countries we serve, with cash as the primary means to drive commerce, economic growth and stability are often challenged. It’s within these emerging economies where Emergent International Payment Systems operates.

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We create payment solutions with a simple yet effective formula of focusing on creating local partnerships, recognizing the cultural issues within each market, and customizing payment systems to benefit everyone.

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We operate within the framework of a global solution that involves the joint efforts of the economic and financial partners of the countries we serve.

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