For more than a decade, Emergent International Payment Systems has focused on bringing innovative payment solutions to the emerging economies of Africa. Our approach of incorporating governments, central banks, and Visa® has created proven results for the local markets we serve. 

Emergent International establishes a partner and consulting company within each region of operation, to ensure that we are both culturally aware and politically relevant in every market we do business. Moreover, we seek to promote the success of all of our channel partners who have a stake in the success of our cardholder programs, including distributors, issuing banks, and other participants in the supply chain.

Innovation Is the New Currency

We have been preparing for a sweeping change in the way everyday global citizens and businesspeople conduct important financial transactions. We believe that if you solve problems for people and for the organizations they serve, the right technology at the right time can provide a lasting, desired outcome. Emergent International identifies economic ecosystems both large and small that are in need of change, from municipalities to trade associations, industry alliances, and non-profit sectors. We then work within these countries to implement the optimal, innovative solution for our client companies and their trading partners.