Global Technology Partners Limited
GTP LIMITED is a U.S. based company recognized by Visa International (CEMEA Region) as its No. 1 International Processor in 2016. Emergent International has utilized various processors over the years, but Tulsa-based GTP Limited has served as our most consistent provider of services and is Emergent International’s primary program development partner in Africa. We chose GTP for its distribution into Africa and the CEMEA region because of the stability and scalability of the GTP platform, along with GTP’s advanced technology and experience within the unique prepaid industry.

Ecobank is the leading independent pan-African banking group and serves approximately 20 million customers in the consumer, commercial, and corporate banking sectors across 33 African countries. Combined with Ecobank’s parent company, the group offers a full suite of banking products, services, and solutions, including bank and deposit accounts, loans, cash management, advisory, trade, securities, and wealth and asset management. Emergent International has partnered with Ecobank to issue specific, branded prepaid cards such as the Kolwezi Visa Prepaid Card, allowing for a more efficient method to pay, receive and transfer money to and from the sub-Saharan African regions and the Indian Ocean area.